1. Understanding the type system of TypeScript
  2. Who needs PDF generators? - Using the browser to print nice multipage documents
  3. Functional Application Logic with Redux
  4. Learning from Elm—Increasing Functional Safety and Confidence in React with TypeScript
  5. Building a REST-ish JSON API with Play Scala
  6. Demo – First impressions of
  7. Audio side project featuring FAUST and NI Reaktor 6
  8. Contemporary Documentation
  9. How to Improve Your Open Source Docs
  10. MVVM-based architecture for native iOS apps
  11. DevOps - A bit of theory, a bit of practice
  12. Explicitness and Consistency in UI
  13. How to crawl 100GB per day with Go
  14. Finding the Missing Links
  15. Creating a renewed voting advice application AKA "Vaalikone"
  16. A talk about testing, Enzyme and react-testing-library
  17. The Bigger Game
  18. Hooking Animated: Reusable React Native Animations with Hooks
  19. Why I love Frontend in 2019!
  20. gRPC Service Design
  21. How establishing a Threat Modelling process can help you transition from DevOps to DevSecOps
  22. 3D Printed Custom LEGO-compatible Gadgets
  23. io-ts – And Why You Should Want It
  24. What is Clojure, and why does it have so many parentheses
  25. Workshop and Storefronts
  26. Show your code:
  27. The story of a Rogue Wifi AP (Security / MitM) and it's Network Data Intelligence
  28. Let's make a fast website: a walkthrough of
  29. Using prefetch and preload to speed up your site
  30. Easy Bolt-on Docs Using React Styleguidist
  31. Let's make some forms and think about our existence
  32. Lessons from 2018 conference
  33. Visualization system for data visualization in VR
  34. React without React
  35. How to be a technical person in a cross disciplinary team?
  36. About AWS and numbers
  37. Kotlin & SpringBoot as a possible back-end alternative
  38. Lessons About Hard Estimations
  39. You should have a FOMO: What you're missing out by still using Python 2.7
  40. Creating useless side projects
  41. How to build your own Bootstrap
  42. We use CSS Grid in Production and it's fine
  43. Serverless server side rendering for ReactJS